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My father says almost the whole world's asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant total amazement.
-Joe Vs. The Volcano


Intel AppUp Developer Program

Worked on a site for developers to submit apps to an app store targeting mobile devices and netbook computers. The site provided analytics to track app performance and finanaces, as well as localization.

TANK! the iPhone Game

Beaverton, OR October 2010

This is the best TANK! game ever created. In the fantastically 80's vein of classic arcade games...TANK! is simple, fun and satisfying. Play someone else on your iPhone and relive all the fun that old skool video games used to be.

This is a two player game only, so be sure to be social or bring a friend.

*Friends Not Included

Facebook Marketpace / Oodle

Was a lead developer of Facebook Marketplace, the largest non-game app on facebook (measured in monthly active users). It is social classifieds service.

The Facebook Marketplace is a part of the Oodle Network
Powering classifieds for over 200 local and national sites, Oodle is the fastest growing classifieds network. The Oodle network includes newspapers, broadcast television sites, yellow pages, community sites, and national portals. When a user posts a classified ad through Oodle, their listings appear on hundreds of leading media and publishing sites.

Constant Sail: Pirates & Traders

Launched December 2008

Constant Sail is a real-time web-based massive multiplayer online game (MMO) where you take to the high seas to explore, trade, fight pirates, or even become a pirate yourself.


Sanrio is a Japanese company that designs and licenses branded characters. Their best known character is Hello Kitty, a little girl who live in London, England wither her parents and her twin sister, Mimi. They have lots of friends at school with whom they share many adventures.

My team and I help Hello Kitty with Sanrio's website so she can send gifts to her friends around the world.

ITV SnapBritain

Launched Sep 2008

Grab your camera and get snapping!

ITV Local is creating a photo gallery of Britain. From beautiful local landscapes or your favourite fluffy pets, to pics of your town or the people you meet, we're celebrating all that is great in Britain, and giving you the chance to be part of a gallery.

Your pics will be there for everyone to view, and each month we'll be showcasing a new category of fabulous photos. So hit 'upload' and get your best pics online now - everyone's invited!

Indecision 2008 / Comedy Central

Launched Aug 2008, deactivated after election

Enter Indecision 2008's Virtual Podium Contest, sponsored by Comcast, for your chance to win a trip to rustic, out of the way New York City and two passes to Comedy Central's exclusive, star-studded election night party! Simply make a video where you lay out your presidential platform in two minutes or less. Or, if video isn't your bag, simply vote as many times as you want for your favorite entries.

Because this is a democracy, entries will be judged by you the voter and our secret cabal of judges. Winners will be announced this fall.

My Tour Swing

Launched Aug 2008, deactivated 2010

This is a community for golfers of all skill levels. Our mission is to help you better understand your swing tendencies and improve your game in a fun, interactive, social environment.

Membership is FREE - no initiation fees, no monthly dues, no greens fees! Simply log-in and upload swings from anywhere - the course, driving range, home, or office - and share your swings with PGA teaching professionals, family and friends.

We are building our staff of PGA teaching pros, who will share drills and provide online lessons. Encourage your local PGA pros to contact us today

New York Times Syndicate One-Shots Marketplace

Launched Feb 2007, deactivated 2009

"Breaking news, thought-provoking editorials, world-renowned magazine articles, columns from international authors and icons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the New York Times Syndicate. Instantly download the single-purchase article, column, or news story you need to build your newspaper section, media outlet, publication, magazine, website, or newsletter."

Unitedmedia Featurebank

Launched Dec 2006

United Media's easy-to-use content delivery website. "The site allows you to download features in batches, saving time and effort. All service advisories and corrections are clearly posted. Plus, theres more material on our cartoonists and writers, all in one place, clearer instructions on how to use the site, and more opportunities to access customer service and sales. "

Launched May 2006 - Version 2 released Jan 2008

cueFlash is a virtual flash card web program that you can access from anywhere. If you want to learn almost anything, from psychology terms to a foreign language you can learn it with cueFlash.

With cueFlash you can share decks with classmates, and add rich text to cards. When flipping through cards, the application continually resorts the deck to focus on cards you don't know.

cueFlash also has a fun public deck library available where you can learn state capitals or even sign language.

Launched January 2006 is a wiki system where you can create your own wiki in less then 30 seconds by just filling in the name of the new wiki. Hosting more then 12,000 wikis, and recieving 30,000 hits per day, is one of the largest free wiki hosts in the world.

Office of Information Technology Payroll System

Launched 2004

A web based payroll and time tracking utility for hourly IT workers at Rutgers University

Sex, etc.

Launched 2003

A sexual education website, "by teens for teens!" Currently number 3 in a search for "sex" on google. Yes, I led the development of a system that beat Playboy in sex, but apparently Wikipedia is sexier.


Launched 2002

ruQueue is Rutgers University's Queue-based Ticket Problem Tracking system.

You can use this web-based software to track any kind of request made to your organization. The typical ruQueue use-case would be:

  1. An end user calls the Help Desk with an issue.
  2. A consultant creates a ticket describing the issue.
  3. The ticket is placed in a queue appropriate for the issue.
  4. The watcher of the queue is then notified of the ticket.
  5. The watcher resolves the issue, contacts the end user, and the ticket is then closed.